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From fantasy sports to online betting

DraftKings is a prominent sports technology and online betting company that provides a wide range of services for customers looking to place bets on various sporting events. DraftKings offers users the opportunity to place bets on sports, participate in daily fantasy sports contests, and engage in special betting events. DraftKings has gained a reputation for user-friendly platforms, extensive sports offerings, and innovative features that has helped to firmly establish their presence in the gambling space.

First on the scene in conjunction with deregulation

DraftKings was founded in 2012 as a daily fantasy sports platform, capitalizing on the growing popularity of fantasy sports in the United States. As various states began to deregulate their previously strict laws regarding online gambling, DraftKings seized the opportunity to expand its offerings beyond fantasy sports and enter the sports betting market. Through partnerships and licensing agreements with casinos and gaming operators in states where sports betting was legalized, DraftKings quickly established a strong presence and became a leading player in the emerging industry in the US. By striking while the iron was hot, DraftKings were able to quickly establish themselves as one of America's leading providers of betting services. The company has expanded in recent years and now operates in several countries outside of the United States.

Fantasy sports experts

DraftKings are experts when it comes to providing various formats of fantasy sports for their customers. There is the possibility to play in fantasy sports leagues that stretch over the course of an entire season, but one of the features that customers appreciate the most is daily fantasy sports (DFS). This offers a fantasy sports experience at a higher pace than traditional methods of play, and has become greatly appreciated by the customers. But fantasy sports are not the only thing on offer, as Draftkings provides a variety of more traditional betting options through their app.

Making betting accessible

One of the key factors of Draftkings growth, apart from being one of the first on the scene as de-regulation rolled out, is the fact that the company has managed to make betting accessible for all. Through concise guides and a user-friendly platform, DraftKings have been a key player in the growing interest of online betting in the US, by being able to reach a large audience while making it easy to access. DraftKings also places a heavy emphasis on marketing themselves, both through traditional means as well as through partnerships with influencers and social media accounts with large followings. Some notable competitors include PENN Entertainment and Flutter Entertainment.

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