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Q1 2024

24 Apr, 2024
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14 Mar, 2024
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Italian Energy Giant

Eni SpA, commonly known as Eni, is a globally recognized name in the energy sector. Founded in Rome, Italy, in 1953, Eni has grown to become an integral player in the global energy landscape. The company's operations encompass the full energy mix, with an emphasis on oil and gas exploration and production, refining, and power generation.

Italians Through and Through

Eni's roots are deeply intertwined with Italian history. The company was established in the post-WWII period, spearheaded by the industrious Enrico Mattei, who sought to reduce Italy's reliance on foreign oil. Eni rapidly expanded its operations across the Italian peninsula, quickly establishing a robust domestic oil and gas industry. To this day, Eni's headquarters are still located in Rome, and the company remains a significant employer and contributor to the Italian economy. With operations in over 60 countries, Eni is today considered one of the supermajors in the world of oil and gas, along with other industry titans such as ExxonMobil, Shell, and BP.

An Industry Titan

Over the years, Eni has proven itself to be a formidable player in the international energy sector. The company's activities cover the entire energy chain, including exploration, production, transport, transformation, and marketing of oil and gas. Eni's successful exploration activities have led to major discoveries, particularly in Africa and the Mediterranean. However, it's not only about oil and gas. Eni is also actively involved in power generation, providing electricity and heat through natural gas, wind, solar, and other sources. In addition to this, Eni also operates in the petrochemicals sector, producing a wide range of products used in various industries, including automotive, healthcare, and textiles.

Looking Ahead

Just like every other company in the energy sector, Eni faces the complex challenge of adapting to the global energy transition. Acknowledging the pressing need for a more sustainable energy future, the company has begun to invest in more renewable energy sources. Their "Eni gas e luce" division, for example, supplies electricity and natural gas to households, companies, and public administrations. The company is aiming to offer more sustainable solutions to its customers and transition towards a future that will be relying less and less on oil and gas, and more on renewable energy sources.