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2 May, 2024
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27 Feb, 2024
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Enabling Events of All Sizes

Eventbrite is an American company that provides a service for event management and ticketing. The service allows event organizers to create listings, manage registrations, and process ticket sales. Eventbrite's platform offers tools for event promotion, attendee engagement, and analytics to monitor event performance. It is designed to cater to events of varying scales and types, supporting organizers in both the planning stage and during the event itself with features for check-in and entry management. The company is active throughout the Americas and in Europe and has its headquarters in San Francisco. Its shares are listed on the NYSE.

A Clear Vision

Eventbrite was founded in 2006 by Kevin Hartz, Julia Hartz, and Renaud Visage. The trio set out to build a comprehensive solution for event organization and ticketing, aiming to streamline the process for both event creators and attendees. The company started by enabling users to organize, promote, and sell tickets to events through its platform. Over time, Eventbrite expanded its services, catering to a wide array of events from small meetups to large festivals and conferences. Their technology evolved to offer robust on-site engagement and analytics tools, becoming a valuable event management platform. Companies operating in the same industry as Eventbrite include names such as Live Nation and Cvent.

For Organizers

Eventbrite provides organizers with a comprehensive toolkit for event management. The platform allows for easy creation of detailed event pages, complete with custom images and necessary information such as time and place. It also integrates marketing tools directly into the platform, allowing for the promotion of the event through social media and email.

The platform includes functionality for attendee tracking and check-in directly through an app, ensuring that organizers can keep up to date with the flow of attendees and get real-time updates on how things are progressing throughout the event. Additionally, its analytics tools offer insights into event performance and attendee behaviors, helping organizers refine future events.

For Attendees

Eventbrite offers a streamlined and user-friendly experience for attendees, making discovering and buying event tickets simple and users can easily search for events by location, date, or category. The ticket purchasing process is straightforward and secure, with electronic tickets accessible on the Eventbrite app or via email. Attendees recieve real-time updates about events they've registered for, keeping them informed of any changes or additional details.