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Q1 2024

17 Apr, 2024
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18 Jan, 2024
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Southeastern Regional Bank

First Horizon Corporation is an American financial services company. It operates primarily through its subsidiary, First Horizon Bank, offering a comprehensive range of banking and financial products and services. These include consumer and commercial banking, wealth management, and capital market services, catering to individual, business, and institutional clients. The company is well known for its deep regional roots and has a strong presence in the Southeastern US. It is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, and its shares are listed on the NYSE.

Memphis Made

First Horizon Bank, founded in 1864 as First National Bank of Memphis, is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States. The company was founded while Memphis was under martial law by the Union Army during the Civil War. Initially serving the Memphis region, the bank played a significant role in the city's economic development. The company slowly but surely became well-established in both Memphis and Tennessee during the 1900s, and eventually shifted its name to First Horizon National Corporation in 2004. In 2020, the company merged with Iberiabank, with the resulting entity keeping the First Horizon name.

Diverse Financial Services

First Horizon offers a diverse range of banking and financial services for individual consumers, businesses, and institutions. For individuals, First Horizon provides personal banking options like checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and mortgage services. Investment and wealth management services are also available for clients seeking to grow and manage their assets. Business and commercial clients can access a suite of services including business loans, treasury management, and capital market services. Additionally, First Horizon offers specialized banking solutions for sectors such as healthcare and real estate. Their services are designed to support financial management, growth, and investment across various customer segments.

Southeastern Focus

The company primarily operates in the Southern United States, with a significant presence in Tennessee, its home state. The company's regional focus extends to neighboring states, offering banking and financial services tailored to the needs of this specific geographic area. This regional concentration allows First Horizon to specialize in local market dynamics and customer needs, providing services that are relevant to the communities they serve, while also maintaining a network of branches and ATMs for convenient customer access. This regional focus is nothing unique in the US’s competitive banking landscape and some similar institutions to First Horizon include M&T Bank and Comerica.