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Parcel Lockers

InPost is a Polish logistics and distribution company, that specializes in providing automated parcel delivery services, primarily in Europe. The company facilitates package delivery with its network of parcel lockers, which offer convenient, 24/7 accessibility for customers to send, receive, and return packages. InPosts biggest market is Poland, but the company is also actively expanding in numerous European countries. The company is headquartered in Krakow, Poland, and its shares are listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.


The company was founded as a subsidiary of Integer, a leaflet distribution company, in 2006. InPost introduced its now wildly popular parcel locker boxes in 2009. One of the key drivers behind InPost's expansion and growth has been the increase in e-commerce shopping. Customers can choose a pickup place that suits them while shopping online, rather than having parcels sent to a pickup point that they have no control over. As E-commerce has grown in popularity, InPost has positioned itself as a very attractive shipping option for customers shopping on websites like Zalando and Amazon.

The Parcel Lockers

InPost lockers offer a convenient and efficient alternative for parcel delivery and collection. Operating as automated, self-service kiosks, they are strategically located in accessible public areas such as shopping centers, gas stations, and transport hubs. Users can send, receive, or return parcels using these lockers, which are available 24/7. The process involves selecting a locker location through InPost's online platform or mobile app when making an online purchase or preparing a shipment. On arrival of the parcel at the designated locker, the user receives a unique code or QR code via email or SMS. This code is used to open the specific compartment containing the parcel, ensuring a secure and flexible pickup or drop-off.

Other Services

Besides its parcel lockers, the company offers a range of other logistics and delivery solutions. These include courier services, which facilitate door-to-door delivery of packages, enhancing accessibility and convenience for customers. InPost also provides integrated e-commerce solutions, supporting online retailers with streamlined shipping and returns processes.