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Optimizing operations through automation

Keyence Corporation, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, operates in the field of automation and sensing technology. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of advanced solutions designed to enhance manufacturing processes and improve efficiency across various industries. Through a commitment to innovation and quality, Keyence provides a wide range of products for a diverse segment of customers.

Their solutions are utilized by businesses worldwide to optimize operations, streamline production, and enable precise measurements and inspections. Keyence's expertise as well as their product offerings make them a trusted partner for organizations seeking advanced automation solutions.

Osaka natives

Keyence Corporation was founded in 1974 in Osaka, Japan by Takemitsu Takizaki and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Since its inception, Keyence has been developing modern automation and sensing technology solutions for customers in various industries. With a focus on research and development, the company has continuously introduced innovative products and expanded from Japan to the rest of the world.

Masters of sensors and automation

Keyence offers a wide array of different equipment and technologies. These include things such as industrial robots, automation and inspection equipment designed for industrial use. Their product portfolio includes code readers for efficient data capture, laser markers for precise marking and engraving, machine vision systems for automated visual inspection, measuring systems for accurate dimensional analysis, as well as other similar products.

These tools find applications in manufacturing and R&D settings, enabling improved productivity, and operational efficiency by automating complex processes. This in turn helps Keyence’s customers cut costs and production time, allowing resources to be focused elsewhere.

A line of products in high demand

Keyence caters to a variety of industries and businesses that require industrial automation and inspection solutions in their day-to-day operations. Their customers span across sectors such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical devices, food and beverage, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and more. Any business that relies on advanced manufacturing processes and precise measurement can utilize Keyence’s products in their own production.

Whether it's automating production lines, improving inspection accuracy, or enhancing efficiency, Keyence's solutions are sought after by companies seeking to optimize their operations. Some of their more notable customers include companies such as Toyota and GE.