Lockheed Martin investor relations material

One of the main actors in the defense industry

Lockheed Martin is undoubtedly one of the main actors in the defense industry. As one of the world’s largest and most well-diversified defense contractors they produce fighter jets, warfare electronics, hypersonics, space and satellite systems, and more. Some of Lockheed Martin’s competitors include Saab, Boeing, and BAE Systems.

The main business areas

With over 114,000 employees spread over more than 370 global facilities, the company operates in four main business areas: Aeronautics, Including tactical aircraft and aeronautical R&D. Missiles and Fire Control, including PAC-3 missiles and the terminal high altitude area defense system. Rotary and Mission Systems, with Sikorsky helicopters, maritime and radar systems, and cyber capabilities. And then Space, including development of commercial and government satellites, as well as deep space exploration. 

Long-stretching contracts

With a majority of its customer base consisting of the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. federal government agencies, their programs are blessed with long-stretching contracts. As a reference of their contractual backlog and recurring revenue, the company's iconic F-35 fighter jet first flew in 2006, and is scheduled to stay in service until year 2070. 

Fun fact: if you’ve seen the latest Top Gun: Maverick movie, the hypersonic jet in the opening scene codenamed “Darkstar,” is actually based on the Lockheed Martin SR-52. 

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