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Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Mader is an Australian contracting company that specializes in providing heavy equipment maintenance services. The company primarily focuses on the mining sector, offering a diverse range of maintenance solutions. These include field service maintenance, workshop repairs, specialist support, and staffing solutions for various heavy-duty machinery and vehicles. Mader is well-established in Australia and works with every large mining company in the country, but its customers can be found all over the world. It is headquartered in Perth, Australia, and its shares are listed on the ASX.

Perth Made

The company was founded in Perth in 2005, and quickly made a name for itself as a reliable and skilled partner for specialized mechanical services for the Australian mining industry. Over the years, Mader has expanded significantly, both in its service range and geographic footprint. The company's growth is marked by its international expansion, and the company is now active in North and South America, Africa, and Asia. Mader's services now also extend beyond the mining sector, catering to the construction, energy, and power generation industries. Even if the company is active all over the world, the strong mining industry in Australia with names such as BHP and Rio Tinto, has enabled the company grow to where it is today.

Mechanical Services

Within its mechanical services segment, Mader Group specializes in comprehensive maintenance and repair of heavy machinery used in industries like mining, construction, and energy. Their expertise encompasses a wide range of equipment, including excavators, trucks, dozers, and drills. Mader’s services in this segment are characterized by a focus on maximizing machinery uptime and operational efficiency. This is achieved through routine maintenance, breakdown repairs, and overhaul services. The company also provides diagnostic and troubleshooting support, ensuring quick resolution of technical issues. Mader's team of mechanics and technicians are trained to work on a variety of machinery brands and models and are on call 24/7 to help with emergency repair and maintenance.

Other Services

Beyond its core mechanical services, Mader Group offers a range of other specialized services. These include electrical servicing and maintenance, crucial for ensuring the safety and functionality of heavy machinery. They also provide fixed plant maintenance as well as equipment inspections and audits, ensuring compliance with industry standards. Another key service is shutdown and project management, where Mader coordinates and executes maintenance activities during planned operational pauses. This merely scratches the surface of the services that Mader offers, as it is an incredibly diversified company with several other services within the same area of its core expertise.