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Q4 2023

15 Feb, 2024
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19 Dec, 2023
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A Well-Respected Canadian Financial Corporation

Manulife Financial Corporation, commonly known as Manulife, is a cornerstone of the Canadian financial services sector. Founded in 1887 in Toronto, this storied institution began its legacy as a life insurance company. Today, it has flourished into a multinational financial services conglomerate, offering a comprehensive suite of products, from life and health insurance to wealth and asset management. In the Canadian insurance landscape, Manulife holds a significant place, being one of the largest providers. Its longevity and history have made them a trusted company domestically, but also outside of Canada's borders.

The History

The history of the company is fascinating and expansive. The company was first incorporated by an act of parliament in 1887 and was spearheaded by Sir John A. Macdonald. He was Canada's first prime minister and Manulife's first president at the same time, and the idea was to provide robust life insurance offerings to Canadians. Over the years, Manulife distinguished itself through several innovative milestones. In 1897, it became the first Canadian insurer to operate in Asia, marking the start of its international presence. By the mid-20th century, Manulife had expanded its portfolio to include not only life insurance but also wealth management and banking services.

Manulife’s Services

At its core, Manulife provides financial services. While it started primarily as a life insurance provider, its offerings have since expanded. Today, the company provides a variety of services that range from individual life and health insurance to wealth and asset management. Additionally, Manulife also offers solutions for group benefits, supplying businesses with diverse employee benefits solutions. In an effort to continue to move with the times, Manulife has also integrated digital platforms into its operations.

International Expansion

Manulife's reach is not limited to Canada, even if that’s where a bulk of its operations have been conducted historically. In pursuit of broader markets and opportunities, the company has ventured into international territories. Asia became an early focus for Manulife's expansion and today they have a notable presence in countries such as China, Japan, and the Philippines. In the United States, Manulife operates under the "John Hancock" name, where it offers various insurance and competes with companies like AIG and Lemonade. The company's approach to global growth has been systematic, combining organic development and expansion with strategic acquisitions.