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Swedish EVs

Polestar is a Swedish automotive brand focused on high-performance electric vehicles (EVs). Originally an independent company known for enhancing Volvo cars, Polestar was acquired by Volvo in the late 1990s and operated as its performance arm. However, in 2017, the brand underwent a transformation when Volvo and its parent company, Geely, repositioned Polestar as a standalone manufacturer specializing in electric vehicles. The company places a large emphasis on design and performance, focusing solely on the growing EV market.

Origins in Performance

Polestar's roots trace back to the Swedish racing scene of the 1990s, originally operating as an independent company focused on modifying Volvo cars for the racetrack. Over time, its expertise expanded to producing high-performance road cars based on Volvo models. Recognizing the potential, Volvo acquired Polestar, incorporating its performance know-how into select Volvo models. For nearly two decades, Polestar served as Volvo's performance division. However, a significant shift occurred in 2017 when Volvo and its parent company, Geely, decided to pivot Polestar's focus entirely to electric vehicles. They rebranded and repositioned Polestar as a standalone electric vehicle producer. Like one of its main competitors, Tesla, Polestar only produces EVs.

Focus on EV

Polestar specializes in producing premium electric vehicles (EVs) with a blend of cutting-edge design, technology, and performance. Their portfolio began with the Polestar 1, a plug-in hybrid grand tourer with a limited production run. This was followed by the fully electric Polestar 2, a luxury fastback targeting a broader market with sophisticated tech features and sustainable materials. Polestar is expanding its product range and plans to introduce new models, such as an SUV and a performance roadster, in the coming years.

Scandinavian Design

Polestar operates with a philosophy that draws inspiration from Scandinavian design principles, which prioritize simplicity and functionality. Their vehicles showcase streamlined designs, with an emphasis on both form and function. Like many modern car manufacturers, Polestar integrates modern features into their cars such as driver assists, while also aiming for an interface that's user-friendly.