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The Leaping Cat

Puma is a brand that has etched its presence in the minds of sports enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike. Founded in Germany in 1948, Puma has catapulted itself into a premier position in the sportswear industry, offering products that range from football to running, golf, and lifestyle accessories. Its distinctive leaping cat logo is synonymous with the brand is instantly recognizable.

Born From a Sibling Rivalry

The birth of the company is a tale deeply interwoven with family competition and innovation, and one can’t mention Puma without also mentioning their bitter rival: Adidas. Rudolf Dassler, along with his brother Adolf, initially worked together to create athletic footwear, such as those worn by Jesse Owens during the 1936 Olympics. Following a bitter fallout, Rudolf founded Puma, while his brother created Adidas. Both situated in Herzogenaurach, Germany, this rivalry ignited a battle for athletic supremacy that lasted decades, transforming the small German town into the world's center for sportswear innovation. Even if the bad blood has cooled down from the most intense periods of the companies' rivalry, they’re still fierce competitors and both Adidas and Puma headquarters are still located in Herzogenaurach.

Just as the three stripes define Adidas, Puma's leaping cat has become an integral emblem of the brand. Meant to symbolize dynamism and elegance, the logo was first introduced in 1968 and quickly became an iconic image. Today, the leaping cat is synonymous with the Puma brand and identity and it’s an incredibly recognizable symbol.

Extensive Product Offerings

Puma's range of products is expansive and tailored to meet the demands of various sports and lifestyle needs. From football boots crafted for precision and control to athletic wear designed for performance and comfort, Puma’s selection serves both professional athletes and everyday individuals. The brand reaches its customers through its own retail stores, e-commerce platforms, and collaborations with other online and physical retailers. Just like their competitors like Nike and Under Armour, the company today isn’t just producing sportswear and equipment. They also produce sneakers and clothes meant to be worn outside of athletic circumstances, such as regular T-shirts, accessories, sweatshirts, and similar products.