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31 Jan, 2024
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1 Nov, 2023
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Radio Frequency Experts

Qorvo Inc. is an American company with global operations that specializes in the manufacturing of core technologies and radio frequency (RF) solutions for mobile, infrastructure, and aerospace/defense applications. The company plays a significant role in the semiconductor industry, providing components used in advanced wireless devices, wired and wireless networks, and radar and communication systems, as its products are integral in enabling fast and reliable connections across communication platforms. Qorvo is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, and its shares are traded on the NYSE.

Merging Complimentary Product Portfolio

The modern form of the company was formed in 2015 through the merger of two well-established companies: RF Micro Devices (RFMD) and TriQuint Semiconductor. RFMD, founded in 1991, specialized in designing and manufacturing high-performance RF components, while TriQuint, established in 1985, was focused on RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave products. The new entity, Qorvo, was positioned to better serve the growing demand for advanced RF solutions in various sectors, including mobile devices, infrastructure, defense, and aerospace.

The Products

Qorvo specializes in the production of a broad range of semiconductor products, primarily focused on RF solutions. Their product lineup includes RF filters, amplifiers, switches, and integrated circuits (ICs), components that are essential in enabling and enhancing wireless communication. Qorvo's RF filters, such as Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters, are pivotal in managing signal interference and ensuring clarity. Amplifiers from Qorvo are used to boost signal strength, while their switches are used to route RF signals in electronic devices. Furthermore, the company designs and manufactures advanced integrated circuits that integrate multiple RF functionalities into a single component, optimizing performance and reducing space requirements in electronic devices.

The Applications

The company’s products are used in a wide array of different fields and applications. In the telecommunications sector, their RF components are crucial for smartphones, tablets, and wireless network infrastructure, facilitating enhanced connectivity and communication. In the defense industry, Qorvo's technologies are employed in radar systems, communication equipment, and electronic warfare, contributing to advanced defense capabilities. Additionally, their solutions are used in the aerospace and automotive industry for satellite communications and navigation systems.

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