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The Asian chip juggernaut

TSMC, or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, not only have one of the longest corporate names in history but is also currently the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world. As the name implies, TSMC was established in Taiwan back in 1987 and is today by far the largest Asian company with its 450 billion dollar market cap.

No end-customer relations or own products

The key success factor of TSMC is said to be their decision to become a pure-play foundry business, meaning no end-customer relations or own products. By choosing not to market any semiconductor products under its own name, TSMC can ensure that their incentives are well-aligned with their customers.

Prominent companies as customers

It is said that Apple accounts for roughly one-fifth of TSMC's revenue, and other customers on the list are Advanced Micro Devices, Broadcom, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm.

TSMC produced more than 12,000 different products for its customers in 2021 and reached revenues of 57 billion dollars, up 20 percent year-over-year. In fact, they did more EBITDA in 2021 than revenue in 2019. Crazy.

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