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Q3 2023

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Q3 2023

9 Nov, 2023
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Q2 2023

9 Aug, 2023
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At the Intersection of Finance and Healthcare

SWK Holdings Corporation is an American finance company that primarily operates within the healthcare sector, with a focus on life sciences and pharmaceuticals. Given the capital-intensive nature of healthcare innovations, SWK Holdings provides financial support and investments to initiatives in the sector. The company offers customized financing solutions tailored to support companies in various stages of research, development, and commercialization.

Texas Made

SWK Holdings was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company operates in two different segments: Life Science Specialty Finance and Enteris BioPharma, which are both centered on SWK’s core focus on monetizing revenue streams and intellectual property within the life sciences sector. The company's approach is centered on understanding the specific needs of healthcare and biotech enterprises, offering financial structures that facilitate growth and advancement. Given the complex nature of the industry, having the right expertise and experience is absolutely paramount to achieving the best possible results. Some companies that SWK has worked closely with include Aziyo, Biolase, and Eton Pharmaceuticals.

Life Science Specialty Finance

Recognizing the unique financial challenges companies in life sciences face, particularly when it comes to drug development and medical innovation, SWK provides tailored financing solutions. These are designed to address the capital-intensive nature of research, clinical trials, and product commercialization. Through its specialty finance operations, SWK extends secured loans to smaller life science companies, bridging funding gaps and ensuring the continuity of research. In return, SWK typically benefits from interest and fees, as well as royalties from successfully commercialized products.

Enteris BioPharma

Enteris BioPharma, a subsidiary of SWK Holdings, is a biotechnology company specializing in developing innovative drug delivery solutions. One of its core technologies is the Peptelligence™ platform, which enables oral delivery of molecules that are traditionally administered through injections.