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Q4 2023

31 Jan, 2024
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25 Oct, 2023
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Supplying Tools for Science

The American company Thermo Fisher Scientific is one of the leaders in the life sciences industry, known for its significant contributions to research, diagnostics, and laboratory technology. With operations across numerous countries, Thermo Fisher offers a broad catalog of products and services, including analytical instruments, consumables, software, and services.

Born From a Merger

The company's roots can be traced back to the merger of Thermo Electron and Fisher Scientific in 2006, a strategic move that created one of the most comprehensive science service companies globally. The aim was to provide a single, reliable source of laboratory equipment, chemicals, software, services, and consumables to the global scientific research and healthcare communities. Thermo Fisher has played an instrumental role in countless groundbreaking research projects, including the Human Genome Project, and it continues to provide equipment for scientists globally.

Products for the Life Science Industry

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a comprehensive suite of products and services geared toward advancing scientific research and enhancing patient health. They produce laboratory equipment, consumables, reagents, and software that support a variety of scientific procedures, from genetic sequencing to electron microscopy. One standout product is their qPCR systems, used extensively for disease diagnostics and genomics research. Moreover, they offer analytical instruments crucial for pharmaceutical and biotech companies for drug development and testing. Thermo Fisher's services also include research services, clinical trial solutions, and laboratory management. These services enable researchers to run their experiments and trials in a safe and effective manner by enabling them to focus on areas in which their expertise resides.

Their Customers

Thermo Fisher Scientific caters to a vast array of sectors. In healthcare and life sciences, their products aid drug discovery and development, fueling advancements in medical treatments. Their tools are the silent partners in scientific exploration at universities and research institutions, aiding breakthroughs in fields as diverse as genomics and proteomics. Government bodies and regulatory agencies utilize their diagnostic tools and software to safeguard public health, a critical role underscored during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some notable publicly traded customers and partners include Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, and Astra Zeneca.