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Q1 2024

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Q1 2024

24 Apr, 2024
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Q4 2023

21 Feb, 2024
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Critical Digital Infrastructure

Vertiv is an American company and a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions. Vertiv designs and manufactures products for data centers, communication networks, and commercial and industrial environments. The company offers a range of hardware, software, analytics, and services designed to ensure that critical infrastructure is operating as efficiently and as reliably as possible. The company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and its shares are listed on the NYSE.

Divested from Emerson Electric

Vertiv's inception as an independent entity dates back to 2016, following a divestiture from Emerson Electric Co. What would later go on to become Vertiv was founded as Emerson Network Power in 2000, a division within Emerson focusing on critical infrastructure technologies.

In 2016, Emerson Network Power was acquired by Platinum Equity, who divested the division and established it as its own company. The new company that arose from this decision would go on the be called Vertiv, focusing solely on its core areas of operations independent of Emerson Electric’s other ventures. The company went public in 2020.

The Portfolio of Products

The company’s product portfolio includes power management products, like uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power distribution units (PDU), and thermal management solutions, which encompass cooling systems tailored for IT and communication infrastructure. Vertiv also provides integrated racks and enclosures, along with monitoring and management software that ensures the day-to-day operations of critical infrastructures. Its services span from preventive maintenance to remote monitoring, offering support to optimize performance, extend equipment life, and reduce operational expenses.

The Three Main end Customers

Vertiv primarily serves three key customer groups: data centers, communication networks, and commercial & industrial environments and each of these sectors represents a significant portion of Vertiv's customer base. Some notable public companies found on the company’s customer list include names such as Verizon, AT&T, and Alibaba.