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French Animal Health

Virbac is a French veterinary pharmaceutical company with multinational operations. The company focuses on developing, producing, and marketing a wide range of drugs and vaccines to improve the health and well-being of pets and livestock. Their product portfolio covers various areas, including parasitology, dermatology, dental care, antibiotics, and nutrition for animals. It is headquartered in Carros, France, and its shares are traded on the XPAR.

From a Small Clinic to a Global Giant

What would go on to become a global company and one of the largest companies in worldwide animal health was started as a veterinary office in a mall in Nice, France. Its founders, veterinarians Pierre-Richard Dick and Max Rombi sold the office after a few years and started to focus solely on medications and drugs for pets. This is something that helped Virbac establish itself, as most other similar companies at the time focused on livestock. During the 1970s, the company expanded by opening subsidiaries in several countries, and Virbac of today is a truly global company. Today, the company produces products and medications for both companion animals and livestock, and a large majority of its revenue is generated outside of France. Some other large companies operating in the sector include Zoetis and Elanco.

Pet Health

Their portfolio includes a variety of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and nutritional supplements designed for both dogs and cats. Key product categories encompass flea and tick control, dental care, dermatology, and kidney health, along with a broad spectrum of vaccines to prevent common infectious diseases. Additionally, Virbac provides nutritional supplements that support overall pet wellness, aimed at reducing issues like joint health and digestion.

Products for Livestock

Virbac's product range in the livestock sector encompasses a comprehensive array of health solutions, targeting cattle, sheep, pigs, and poultry. Their portfolio includes vaccines and parasiticides, essential in controlling internal and external parasites that can affect animal health and productivity. Virbac also produces products for reproductive health and nutrition.