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13 Feb, 2024
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25 Oct, 2023
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Managing Waste

Waste Management, doing business under the name WM, is one of North America's leading waste disposal and environmental services companies.. Founded in 1968 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company has an expansive operational footprint spanning the United States and Canada and provides an array of services throughout the entire process of collecting processing waste and recycling what can be recycled. To achieve this, WM operates a vast network of collection operations, transfer stations, landfills, recycling facilities, and waste-to-energy plants.

History and Expansion

WM is a leading provider of comprehensive waste management solutions in North America. Originating from a single landfill in Chicago, the company quickly expanded, capitalizing on the growing demand for waste disposal across the country. Over the decades, Waste Management evolved, acquiring smaller companies within the industry and diversifying its services to go beyond just the collection and disposal of waste. This strategy not only expanded its footprint in the US and into Canada but also facilitated the introduction of innovative waste solutions. The company's green initiatives gained traction in the late 20th century, emphasizing recycling and renewable energy projects.

All-encompassing Solutions

One of its primary functions is garbage collection, serving millions of customers across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. This involves regular pick-up schedules, specialized collections, and tailored services for larger commercial entities. Apart from collection, the company manages landfills, which are essential for the safe and efficient disposal of waste. To complement these, WM also runs transfer stations that handle the sorting and movement of waste from collection vehicles to final disposal sites or recycling centers. Additionally, the company has ventures in waste-to-energy and recycling plants, turning refuse into a source of energy. Some publicly traded companies that operate within the same field as WM includes names such as Republic Services, Waste Connection, and Kollect on Demand.

Green Management

WM has been placing a significant emphasis on green initiatives in recent years. Recycling stands at the forefront of these efforts with the company operating numerous facilities that process recyclables, turning them into resources for industries and reducing landfill dependency. Besides traditional recyclables, it operates organic recycling for items like food and yard waste. Additionally, the company's landfill gas-to-energy ventures capture methane—a potent greenhouse gas—from landfills, transforming it into a clean energy source.