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14 Feb, 2024
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Thermal and Metallurgical Coal

Whitehaven Coal is an Australian coal mining company, primarily engaged in the exploration, development, production, and sale of thermal and metallurgical coal. Whitehaven Coal operates a portfolio of open-cut and underground mines in the New South Wales Gunnedah Basin, one of Australia's major coal-producing regions. The company is primarily engaged in open-cut mining but also operates one large underground mine. Whitehaven Coal is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

From Zero to Five Mines

Founded in February 1999, Whitehaven Coal commenced mining operations in an open-cut mine in the Gunnedah Basin in September 2000. Expanding its footprint, the company launched additional mines at Werris Creek in 2005 and Tarrawonga in 2006. In the year following the opening of the Tarrawonga mine, the company went public on the ASX. The company currently operates five different mines in Australia, as well as its trains to the Port of Newcastle. Today, the company is among the biggest mining companies in Australia, but still far behind the true behemoths of the country such as BHP, Rio Tinto, and similar names.

Experts in Coal

The company is a prominent player in the coal mining industry, primarily focused on extracting and producing thermal and metallurgical coal. Thermal coal, also known as steaming coal, is primarily used for generating electricity in power plants, playing a critical role in energy production, especially in developing economies. Metallurgical coal, on the other hand, is a key ingredient in steel production, vital for various industries from construction to manufacturing. Whitehaven's operations are concentrated in the Gunnedah Basin in New South Wales, Australia, a region rich in high-quality coal.

Exporting to Asia

Whitehaven Coal predominantly sells its thermal and metallurgical coal to the Asian market, a region with robust demand driven by its significant industrial and energy requirements. Key buyers include countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, and India, which use imported coal for electricity generation and steel production.