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Q1 2024

30 Apr, 2024
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27 Feb, 2024
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One of America's Largest Electricity Companies

American Electric Power Company, or AEP for short, is one of the largest electrical companies in the US and its shares are listed on the NYSE. AEP is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and supplies electricity to over five million customers spread across 11 states. The company is one of the largest generators of electricity in the country, and its shares have historically primarily been owned by large institutional investors.

Over 100 Years of Electricity

AEP was incorporated in 1906 and was then called The American Gas and Electric Company. When the company was founded, the electricity industry was only around 20 years old, but innovation was rapid and demand was constantly growing. The company grew organically over time and also made several acquisitions throughout the decades, and slowly but surely became one of the largest generators and transmitters of electricity across the US. When looking at AEP’s peers, we find other large electric companies such as Nextera, Duke Energy, Exelon Corporation, and well as several others.

One of the Largest Generators of Electricity in the US

AEP owns around 38,000 megawatts of generating capacity in the US, which in turn makes it one of the largest in the nation. The company also owns a massive transmission system of nearly 40,000 miles of cables. AEP is split up into seven companies operating locally: AEP Texas, Appalachian Power, Indiana Michigan Power, Kentucky Power, Southwestern Electric Power Company, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, and AEP Ohio. Where these companies are located and operating is relatively self-explanatory, but the operations are centered around the midwest and southern states.

Moving Into Renewables

The world is slowly but surely starting to place a larger focus on renewable energy. AEP is, like many other energy companies, moving with the times in regard to green energy sources. The company generates power through both wind and solar which it then supplies to its customers, and AEP has continuously invested in various large-scale renewable energy projects such as wind and solar farms.