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2 May, 2024
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21 Feb, 2024
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Utility Parent Company

Exelon Corporation is an American public utility company. Exelon is structured into several subsidiaries, including Exelon Generation, and the company operates six major utilities that provide services to millions of customers. Its energy generation portfolio is diverse, featuring nuclear, wind, solar, and hydroelectric power sources. Exelon is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and its shares are traded on the Nasdaq.

The Merger

Exelon Corporation, a leading American energy provider, was formed in October 2000 through the merger of PECO Energy Company and Unicom. As previously mentioned, Exelon operates through various subsidiaries, including power generation, competitive energy sales, transmission, and delivery. As it grew, Exelon expanded its portfolio and geographic reach, becoming one of the largest U.S. power generators with a significant presence in the nuclear energy sector. The company has also been involved in numerous M&A deals throughout the years, further cementing its place in the industry. Some companies operating in the same sector as Exelon are Consolidated Edison, NextEra, and Duke Energy.

The Subsidiaries

Exelon Corporation operates through a network of subsidiaries, each specializing in different aspects of the energy sector. Key subsidiaries include, but are not limited to:

  • BGE (Baltimore Gas and Electric): Serving central Maryland, BGE provides gas and electric utility service to over 1.2 million customers.

  • ComEd (Commonwealth Edison): Based in Chicago, ComEd is a major electric utility serving northern Illinois, including the Chicago area.

  • PECO (Philadelphia Electric Company): This subsidiary is a major electric and gas utility company serving southeastern Pennsylvania.

  • PEP (Potomac Electric Power Company): Serving Washington, D.C., and parts of Maryland, PEP provides electric service to about 842,000 customers.

Exelon Generation

Exelon Generation, another subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, plays a crucial role in the company's power generation operations. It boasts one of the largest U.S. power generation portfolios, with a significant emphasis on nuclear energy, making Exelon the nation's largest operator of commercial nuclear power plants. Additionally, Exelon Generation operates a diverse mix of natural gas, hydroelectric, wind, and solar power facilities.