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The Bavarian Motor Works

The Bayerische Motoren Werke, better known as BMW, is one of the most renowned automobile and motorcycle manufacturers globally. Founded in 1916, BMW is headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company has garnered a reputation for producing well-built premium cars and motorcycles, and its badge is one of the most respected in the automotive industry. Besides producing their BMW cars, the company also owns MINI and Rolls Royce.

Over 100 Years of Manufacturing

BMW's journey began during the First World War, during which the company produced aircraft engines. It wasn't until 1923 that BMW shifted gears, quite literally, to start producing motorcycles. The company subsequently began manufacturing automobiles in 1928 and one of the of BMW's automotive history was the introduction of the BMW 328 sports car in the late 1930s. It showcased BMW's commitment to design and performance, a commitment that is still evident in their vehicles today. The company's iconic blue and white logo, a symbol of a spinning propeller, pays homage to its aeronautical origins.

Today, the brand is one of the most recognizable automakers in the world. They compete with several other large brands such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, Stellantis, and several others.

An Array of High-performance Vehicles

BMW's vehicles are organized into series, each representing a different class of vehicle size, performance, and price point. This includes sedans, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), and sports cars. One of their more recognizable line of cars is their BMW 3 Series, known for its build quality and performance. Like many other car manufacturers, the company has recognized the demand from consumers for SUVs and crossovers BMW X Series, a line of SUVs and crossovers; and the coveted BMW M Series, a line of high-performance vehicles. The M Series is a testament to BMW's commitment and skill when it comes to performance. These models are equipped with more powerful engines, superior handling, and distinctive design elements that set them apart from their non-M counterparts.

Moving With the Times

BMW is not just a car manufacturer but also a technology company. BMW continues to stay ahead of the curve by integrating advanced technologies into its vehicles. BMW's cars are now equipped with features such as gesture control, touchscreen navigation, advanced safety systems, and comprehensive digital services. BMW, like all car manufacturers, also needs to prepare for a future that’s powered by electricity. The company has started to move with the times in regard to this and is now producing several models of electric vehicles within its iSeries range of models.