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Q3 2023

6 Nov, 2023
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8 Aug, 2023
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Broadcasting from the stars

DISH Network is a telecommunications company that provides various network services to customers. Their offerings include satellite TV service, broadband internet, and voice communication. Through their satellite TV service, they deliver a wide range of television channels and programming to subscribers' homes. DISH Network also offers internet services, enabling customers to access high-speed internet connectivity. Additionally, they provide voice communication services, allowing users to make phone calls and send texts.

The broadcasting side of the business

DISH Network operates a broadcasting business that involves acquiring, licensing, and distributing television programming to its subscribers. Through partnerships with various networks, studios, and content providers, DISH Network secures a wide range of channels and programming options to offer to its customers. This includes TV shows, sports events, movies, and other types of entertainment.

Satellites instead of cables

DISH Network offers a satellite TV service that differs from traditional network companies in its method of content delivery. As implied by the name satellite TV, DISH Network utilizes satellites to transmit television signals directly to subscribers' homes instead of relying on cable or fiber-optic infrastructure. This approach allows for wider coverage, especially in remote or rural areas where cable or fiber-optic networks may not be readily available. Just like some of their biggest competitors like AT&T and T-mobile, they offer their services to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Wireless communications

As previously mentioned, DISH also offers wireless communication services such as broadband and phone plans to their customers. However, not through the use of satellites. For internet and voice services, DISH Network partners with various internet service providers and telecommunications companies to offer bundled packages that include internet and phone services alongside their TV offerings. This allows customers to have a comprehensive communication solution that includes television, internet, and voice services all in the same package. This is all then delivered to the customer in question through a combination of satellite, wired, or wireless networks, depending on the availability and infrastructure in the specific area.