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Q4 2024

7 Mar, 2024
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7 Dec, 2023
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Enabling Secure Signing of Documents Online

DocuSign is a company that offers electronic signature and digital transaction management solutions to businesses and individuals. As a leader in its field, DocuSign simplifies and streamlines the signing and approval process by eliminating the need for physical paperwork. Customers can securely sign, send, and manage documents from anywhere on any device and DocuSign's platform enables users to easily create, store, and track legally binding agreements, contracts, and other important documents.

How it works

Signers can choose to adopt an electronic signature or draw their signature using a mouse or touchscreen. DocuSign ensures the authenticity and integrity of each signature through advanced encryption technology and robust security measures. Once all parties have signed, DocuSign automatically generates a finalized, tamper-evident document. This document is securely stored in the user's DocuSign account and can be accessed at any time. DocuSign's secure storage, coupled with encryption and authentication protocols, ensures that sensitive documents are protected from unauthorized access.

Throughout the entire process, DocuSign maintains a comprehensive audit trail, capturing detailed information about each interaction with the document. This audit trail provides an added layer of security and transparency, allowing users to track and verify the document's history.

All documents in one place

The service makes it possible for customers to have all their contracts saved in one secure and easily accessible place. With DocuSign, customers can digitally create, manage, and store their contracts and agreements within the platform. Once a document is signed, it is securely stored in the customer's DocuSign account, eliminating the need for physical copies or manual filing systems. This centralized storage ensures that contracts are organized, kept safe, searchable, and readily available whenever needed. By having all documents saved in one place, customers can efficiently retrieve and reference agreements, streamline document management, and improve overall business efficiency. Some notable customers of DocuSign outside of governmental agencies are companies such as United Airlines, Thermo Fisher, and KORE.

Saving time and money

By digitizing the signing process, DocuSign saves time, reduces costs, and enhances efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for modern businesses seeking a streamlined and secure document workflow. Another major advantage for customers is the simple fact that it enables them to handle the signing of documents remotely, something that can be utilized when time is of the essence, or when two parties can’t meet due to practical reasons.