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Q1 2024

24 Apr, 2024
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1 Feb, 2024
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Danish Logistics Experts

DSV Panalpina A/S, known simply as DSV, is a trailblazer in global transport and logistics solutions. Headquartered in Denmark and operating in more than 80 countries, DSV is a key player in global trade and supply chain management. The company's diverse range of services and international reach makes it an influential figure in the global transport and logistics sector.

Born From Co-operation

DSV’s journey began in 1976 when ten independent Danish haulers united under a common flag with a clear goal: to create a robust freight forwarding business that could compete on the world stage. Their vision was not only realized but surpassed their initial expectations, as DSV evolved into an industry giant over the subsequent decades. Through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions, DSV expanded its footprint across the globe. The acquisition of Swiss-based Panalpina in 2019 marked a significant milestone in DSV's history, bolstering its global presence and broadening its range of logistics solutions. While the companies that made up the initial formation of DSV were focused on transport within Denmark and the neighboring area they’re now a key player in global logistics together with names like UPS, FedEx, and Maersk.


Today, DSV stands as a full-service logistics provider, offering a multitude of services to facilitate the transport of goods worldwide. Its services span air and sea freight, road transport, warehousing, and specialized logistics solutions. These services encompass every step of the supply chain process and ensure that goods—be they large-scale industrial equipment or individual consumer products—are transported safely, efficiently, and reliably from one corner of the globe to another. DSV’s comprehensive approach allows it to cater to a large variety of different customers, which range from multinational corporations to small and medium-sized businesses.

A Key Player in Global Logistics

The role of DSV in the global supply chain cannot be understated. As an integrated logistics provider, DSV links suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, enabling the smooth flow of goods around the world. With increasing digitalization, the rise of e-commerce, and heightened environmental consciousness, the logistics industry is facing new challenges and opportunities. DSV is committed to moving with the times, something that is showcased by its investments in technology and sustainability initiatives, showing that they’re ready to meet these changes head-on.