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27 Mar, 2024
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Q4 2024

4 Mar, 2024
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The web-based DevOps platform

GitLab is a web-based DevOps platform that provides a range of tools for software development, version control, continuous integration and deployment, and security testing. The company's platform enables software teams to collaborate and work more efficiently, from planning and coding to testing and deploying. Some of GitLab’s competitors include National Instruments, Monday.com, Atlassian, and Nutanix.

A multi-sided platform

GitLab's platform consists of several components, including GitLab CE, the open-source version of the platform, and GitLab Enterprise, a commercial version that includes additional features and support. The company also offers a range of complementary tools and services, including GitLab Runner, a tool for continuous integration and deployment, and GitLab CI/CD, a tool for automating software testing and deployment.

Interesting facts about GitLab

GitLab was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company has a global presence with employees located in over 60 countries.

GitLab operates on a remote-first model, with a distributed workforce and a strong focus on collaboration and inclusivity.

One of the interesting things about GitLab is that it operates as an all-remote company, with no physical offices. This approach has enabled the company to attract talent from around the world and offer a flexible work environment that allows employees to work from anywhere.

Additionally, GitLab has been recognized for its commitment to transparency and openness, with a public handbook that outlines the company's values, culture, and processes.