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Computer Peripherals

Logitech is a Swiss company that manufactures and sells computer accessories and related software. Its products include but are not limited to, keyboards, mice, headsets, and webcams. It is one of the leaders in its field and Logitech products are sold across the world. The company’s global headquarters are located in Lausanne, Switzerland, but it also operates regional offices across the globe. Logitech’s shares are traded on the SIX as well as the Nasdaq.

Swiss Made

Founded in 1981 in Apples, Switzerland by Daniel Borel and Pierluigi Zappacosta, Logitech began its journey with the production of computer mice, capitalizing on the new GUI-driven interactions of computers. As the tech landscape transformed, Logitech evolved, expanding into a diverse range of computer peripherals including keyboards, webcams, and speakers. Over the years, the company has become known for innovation and has grown organically while making strategic acquisitions.

The Products

Through its product range, Logitech meets the needs of diverse consumer groups, from everyday users to specialized professionals. For general computer users, the company offers essential peripherals like mice and keyboards in a broad price range. For professionals with specific needs on ergonomics or functions, such as graphic designers or software developers, Logitech provides devices specially designed to fit these requirements.

The gaming segment, a significant portion of their operations, is catered to with high-performance gear, including dedicated mice, keyboards, headsets, and controllers for simulations.

Companies operating in the same industry and competing for the same customer base include names like Corsair, Razer, and even Microsoft.

Associated Software

Logitech offers an array of software solutions to complement and enhance the functionality of its hardware products. One example of this is the Logitech G HUB, a software platform designed specifically for managing Logitech's gaming peripherals. It allows users to customize device settings, including key bindings, RGB lighting effects, and more, to suit the user's style of play gameplay. Another software the company offers, Logitech Capture, is aimed at content creators and professionals by providing advanced controls for Logitech webcams. Users can adjust camera settings, overlay text, and transition between multiple video sources, making it a valuable tool for streaming, recording, and video conferencing.