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Q1 2025

14 May, 2024
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28 Mar, 2024
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Home is where the heart is

The Home Depot is a leading home improvement retailer that operates a chain of stores across the United States and Canada. The company offers a wide range of products and services for both DIY (do-it-yourself) enthusiasts and professional contractors. The Home Depot stores are known for their selection of building materials, tools, hardware, appliances, and home improvement products. In addition to its retail operations, The Home Depot also provides various installation services and offers digital platforms for online shopping and project planning. Placing a heavy emphasis on customer service, their retail spaces have become appreciated due to their ability to meet the needs of both homeowners, DIY-enthusiasts and professional contractors alike.

A fascinating tale of entrepreneurship and growth

The Home Depot was founded in 1978 by avid DIY’ers and enthusiasts Bernie Marcu and Arthur Blank with help from Ron Brill and Pat Farrah. The idea behind the company was to create a one-stop shop for home improvement needs, offering a wide selection of products at affordable prices. This is something they proved to be very good at, and after opening their first two stores in Atlanta, Georgia, the company grew rapidly. While focusing on customer service, competitive pricing, and a vast product assortment, Home Depot expanded its footprint across the United States and later ventured into the Canadian market.

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Customer centric from the get-go

Marcu and Blank placed a strong emphasis on customer service right off the bat and ensured that shopping at Home Depot felt welcoming and accessible to all, regardless of whether they were doing their first DIY-project or if they were experienced industry professionals. This is something that is engraved in the company's DNA and is a key part of the culture at Home Depot. The company has a “Whatever it takes” motto and ensures that their staff are knowledgeable and able to offer advice and guidance, and also invests heavily in training for their employees.

Big retail spaces providing home improvement goods is however not something unique. Home Depot has several large competitors that are publicly traded, with some of the biggest ones including names such as Lowe’s and Floor & Decor.

All encompassing services

Home Depot might be best known for their massive retail spaces, but also offer a variety of online services. The company offers a comprehensive platform for product planning, as well as a traditional online retail section. Customers can browse a wide selection of products, access detailed product information, compare prices, and read customer reviews. Home Depot also offers customers professional installation services, tailored towards those completing projects that require a specific skill set or for customers with little interest in DIY at all.