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Q3 2023

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Q3 2023

31 Oct, 2023
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Q2 2023

1 Aug, 2023
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Deep Sea Expertise

Transocean is an American leading global offshore drilling contractor, primarily specializing in deepwater drilling and harsh environment oil and gas exploration. Established in the early 20th century, it has been involved in multiple significant oil discoveries in some of the world’s most challenging conditions. With its fleet of high-specification drillships, semi-submersibles, and jack-ups, Transocean has cultivated a strong reputation for its skill and experience.

Pioneers in the Offshore Revolution

Transocean's story began in the 1920s, laying the foundation for many innovative technologies and techniques now considered standard in the industry. Over the decades, they have been part of numerous landmark offshore drilling expeditions and have been pivotal in the discovery and extraction of several significant oil and gas reserves. While its origins are firmly rooted in the United States, Transocean's operations have expanded across the globe, operating wherever there is oil to be drilled for.

A Massive Fleet

At the heart of Transocean's operations lies its impressive fleet of drilling rigs. The fleet is equipped to handle various drilling needs, whether in deep water, ultra-deep water, or more challenging environments. Transocean has continually invested in upgrading and modernizing its fleet, ensuring it remains at the forefront of technological advancements. In an industry where operations are fraught with challenges, safety is incredibly important. The company places a rigorous emphasis on maintaining safety standards, regularly training its workforce, and ensuring that its rigs are equipped with the latest safety technologies.

The Customers

Transocean is a contracting firm, which means that they’re hired by other large petroleum companies to conduct drilling for oil. With offices in over 20 countries and operating across 5 continents, Transocean’s place in the global petroleum industry is one of great importance. Even if companies large and small employ its services, the most important customers are international giants such as Shell, Equinor, and Chevron.