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8 May, 2024
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Advice for Trips

TripAdvisor, founded in 2000, operates as a travel platform helping users plan and book their trips. It features a vast collection of user-generated content, including reviews and opinions about various travel-related aspects like hotels, restaurants, attractions, and other travel experiences. Additionally, TripAdvisor offers comparison tools for hotel and flight prices, enabling travelers to find cost-effective options. The platform also facilitates direct booking for hotels, vacation rentals, and experiences. TripAdvisor is headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts, and its shares are listed on the Nasdaq.

Founding, Acquisition, and Spin-off

TripAdvisor was founded in February 2000. TripAdvisor quickly grew, providing extensive reviews and advice on hotels, restaurants, and attractions worldwide. In 2004, it was acquired by IAC and later became part of Expedia. Following a successful period under Expedia, TripAdvisor was spun off as an independent company in 2011. Since then, it has expanded its services, including direct booking capabilities and the introduction of various travel-related features.

User-Generated Content

TripAdvisor's website is most known for its extensive collection of user-generated content. This content primarily comprises millions of reviews and opinions from travelers worldwide, covering hotels, restaurants, attractions, and other travel experiences. These reviews often include detailed descriptions, personal experiences, ratings, and photographs, providing valuable insights for other travelers. Users can sort and filter this content based on various criteria, such as date, rating, and type of traveler, to find the information most relevant to what they’re looking for.

Other Services

Beyond user-generated content, TripAdvisor provides several other services. It offers a price comparison tool that helps users find competitive rates for hotels and flights, integrating price data from various sources. The platform also facilitates direct bookings for hotels, (directly competing with companies such as Booking), vacation rentals, and unique travel experiences such as tours and activities.