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Q1 2024

1 May, 2024
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21 Feb, 2024
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Data Analytics and Risk Assessment

Verisk Analytics Inc. is an American company with multinational operations that provides data analytics and risk assessment to its clients. The company’s services include analyzing and interpreting large volumes of data to assist clients in risk assessment and decision-making. Verisk’s customers are typically found within insurance, but the company also serves clients in energy, financial services, and governmental agencies. The company is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, and its shares are listed on the Nasdaq.

Insurance Services Office

The company was founded in 1971 and is rooted in the insurance industry, originally established as the Insurance Services Office. Its primary function was to provide statistical and actuarial data to insurance companies. Over the years, Verisk expanded its services beyond the insurance sector, delving into other areas such as energy, financial services, and specialized markets, through its expertise in data analytics and risk assessment. The company IPO’d in 2009, raising roughly $1.9 billion, marking it as one of the largest in the U.S. that year. Pre-IPO, early shareholders included both AIG and Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.

For the Insurance Sector

Within the insurance industry, Verisk Analytics provides services that support various aspects of a business, from underwriting to claims management. For underwriting, the company offers data-driven insights and predictive models that assist insurers in assessing and pricing risks with greater precision. In the realm of claims management, Verisk's tools help streamline processes and identify fraudulent claims as well as aid in improving risk predictions and pricing strategies. Additionally, the company provides catastrophe modeling services, which are used for understanding and preparing for the potential impact of natural disasters.

Other Sectors

In the energy sector, Verisk provides critical insights into regulatory compliance, environmental risk, and market dynamics, aiding companies in navigating complex global energy landscapes. Financial institutions benefit from Verisk’s risk management tools, which include credit risk analysis and anti-fraud solutions, essential for maintaining the integrity and stability of financial operations. Additionally, in specialized markets, which encompass a variety of industries from retail to healthcare, Verisk offers bespoke data analytics solutions.