Empowering E-commerce

Online shopping

Assisting online merchants

E-commerce has become a very large part of the global retail market as penetration globally now has surpassed 15 percent. This has opened up several business opportunities to assist online merchants with ancillary services, with the purpose of empowering the retail transition from offline to online.

This trend has led to new possibilities for online merchants, speeding up the pace of the overall industry growth and creating several successful B2B-oriented business models with the purpose of solely assisting companies looking to start selling their products online.

Companies providing e-commerce tools

Shopify and Wix are two examples of such businesses. They provide digital tools which simplify the process of building and developing online stores, which also eliminates or vastly decreases the need for writing code. Two other examples are AutoStore and Cloudflare. AutoStore assists online merchants to manage their inventory more efficiently via AI and robotics, and Cloudflare provides companies with cyber security and big data analytics solutions.