Google and Beyond: Companies that Had Their IPO in 2004

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Published 26 Jun 2023
Reviewed by: Peter Westberg
Updated 8 Feb 2024

The year 2004 was a remarkable period for the stock market, witnessing several significant initial public offerings (IPOs). Among them, Google's IPO stands out as one of the most notable events in stock market history. In this article, we will take a closer look at the memorable companies that had their IPOs in 2004 and their impact on the market.

Companies that Had Their IPO in 2004

A total of 216 IPOs took place in 2004, raising a combined sum of approximately $45.9 billion. Some of the most memorable companies that went public in 2004 include:

  • Google (Alphabet): The tech giant's IPO in 2004 was a landmark event, raising around $1.67 billion. Google opted for a Dutch auction process, which allowed individual investors to participate in the offering. Since then, Google has grown exponentially, becoming one of the world's most valuable companies.

  • Salesforce: The San Francisco-based cloud computing company went public in 2004, raising approximately $110 million. Salesforce has since become a leader in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry and has experienced significant growth.

  • DreamWorks Animation: The animation studio responsible for blockbuster movies like Shrek and Madagascar went public in 2004, raising around $812 million. The company was eventually acquired by NBCUniversal in 2016.

  • Gladstone Commercial Corporation: This real estate investment trust (REIT) went public in 2004, raising about $126 million. Gladstone Commercial focuses on acquiring, owning, and managing commercial real estate properties across the United States.

  • Dutch Bros Coffee: The Oregon-based coffee chain had its IPO in 2004. Although Dutch Bros was a relatively small company at the time, it has since expanded to become one of the largest privately-owned drive-through coffee chains in the United States.

2005 IPOs: A Brief Overview

The year 2005 saw a slight decrease in the number of IPOs, with a total of 194 companies going public. These IPOs raised a combined sum of about $35.5 billion. Some notable companies that had their IPOs in 2005 include Baidu, the leading Chinese search engine, and Under Armour, a prominent sportswear and footwear company. Learn more about the IPO:s in 2005.

Implications of the 2004 IPOs

The companies that had their IPOs in 2004 significantly impacted various industries, with some, like Google and Salesforce, becoming pioneers in their respective sectors. The success of these companies has inspired countless others to innovate and challenge industry norms.

Additionally, the IPO landscape in 2004 demonstrated the growing influence of technology companies, as many tech giants went public during that period. This trend has continued in subsequent years, with technology firms frequently dominating the stock market and attracting significant investor interest.

In Conclusion

The memorable companies that had their IPOs in 2004 have left a lasting impact on the stock market and their respective industries. By studying these IPOs, investors can gain valuable insights into the factors that contribute to a company's success and apply these lessons to their investment strategies.

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