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Polish Supermarkets

Dino Polska is a Polish supermarket chain established in 1999, and its stock trades on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company’s stores are generally located in smaller towns and rural areas, oftentimes acting as the largest and most obvious choice for consumers looking for a well-stocked supermarket with generous opening hours. The company started out in the western part of the country but has since expanded to the rest of Poland.

Founding and Outside Investment

The company was founded in 1999 by entrepreneur Tomasz Biernacki, and slowly but surely grew in the following years. The company had a laser focus on the western part of Poland in the early years, but after investment fund Enterprise Investors bought 49% of the shares in the company, expansion kicked into overdrive. After the purchase of the shares in 2010, Dino increased its amount of stores from around 100 to well over 600 while also opening locations in all corners of the country.

Stores and Distribution

As previously mentioned, Dino’s stores are primarily located in less built-up areas and along major roadways, even if some major cities have small branches in downtown areas. A subsidiary of the parent company primarily supplies the stores. Dino operates distribution centers in three different locations in the country, supplying stores with products. Dino has become one of the leading grocery stores in Poland and is competing nationally against large chains like Netto and Lidl. Several of Europe's largest supermarket chains are not publicly traded, but Dino is not entirely unique in being public. A list of publicly traded supermarkets in Europe includes names like Tesco, Carrefour, and Ahold Delhaize.

Unique Selling Points

One of the things that makes Dino stand out against its competitors, outside of their locations, is that nearly all of their stores nationwide are open for business during the same hours. Apart from some smaller convenience stores in city centers, Dino stores across Poland are open from 06:00-22:30 every day. Even if there’s nothing odd about having long opening hours, having this uniform across the country is something that has helped establish the brand's identity. Dino’s stores also have meat counters, where customers can purchase specialty meats and cuts from knowledgeable staff.