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6 Jun, 2024
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9 May, 2024
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Healthcare for Him and Her

Hims & Hers Health, Inc. is an American company selling various medications and personal care products online. The company operates in an industry sometimes referred to as telehealth, and sells both prescriptions as well as over-the-counter drugs through its websites and online stores. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and its shares are traded on the NYSE.

Filling a Demand

Founded in 2017 by Andrew Dudum, Jack Abraham, and Hilary Coles, "Hims & Hers" emerged from the growing demand to address specific health issues faced by men and women, which often went untreated due to stigma or lack of accessibility. The company initially began as "Hims", focusing on men's health concerns like hair loss and erectile dysfunction. By offering direct-to-consumer telehealth services, the platform provided a discreet way for men to access medical advice and treatments without a traditional doctor's visit. Recognizing a similar demand in women's health, the brand soon expanded to include "Hers", addressing issues like skincare and sexual health. The company's approach, emphasizing convenience, affordability, and discretion, quickly made it a leading name in the telehealth sector. Today, the company competes in the same sector as Teladoc and American Well, as well as with traditional pharmacies like CVS.

The Offerings

"Hims & Hers Health" offers distinct telehealth solutions tailored for men and women, addressing their unique health needs. In the "Hims" section, the emphasis is placed on concerns commonly faced by men. These include hair loss treatments, medications for erectile dysfunction, mental health resources, and skincare products. Through this platform, men have the opportunity to seek professional consultations and procure FDA-approved treatments discreetly. The "Hers" section, on the other hand, is dedicated to addressing women's health issues. It provides resources for hormonal imbalances, offers a variety of birth control options, and has skincare and hair care products as well. Additionally, it offers services related to sexual wellness and general well-being.

The Business Model

At its core, the platform connects users with licensed medical professionals for online consultations. Following these consultations, if a prescription is deemed necessary, the company offers the convenience of fulfilling these prescriptions directly through its integrated online pharmacy, ensuring a streamlined process from consultation to medication delivery. Additionally, the company has a portfolio of over-the-counter products available for purchase, further diversifying its product offerings. Hims & Hers also offers various types of subscription-based services, ensuring regular deliveries of specific products or medications.