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Robinhood Markets, Inc. operates a financial services platform in the United States. Its platform allows users to invest in stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options, gold, and cryptocurrencies. The company also offers Robinhood Crypto that allows investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies; Robinhood Snacks that provides business news summaries through short podcast episodes; and Robinhood Gold that enables investors to buy and sell equities like cash, use advanced tools like margin investing, instant deposits, and extended trading hours. The easy-to-use interface of the app have attracted millions of retail traders to the Robinhood platform. During the peak of 2021, the service had over 20 million monthly active users, with an average account size of 400 dollars. As an investor - you can make money on Robinhood by buying and selling assets with no transaction costs. The business model of Payment for Order Flow mean that market makers are the main customer of the company, one of which Citadel Securities. On the Robinhood Earnings Calls, CEO Vlad Tenev discuss earnings, outlook and product development alongside Robinhood CFO Jason Warnick. Search through the library of Robinhood transcripts in the Quartr App to hear what the management is talking about.

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