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Australian Payment Solutions

Tyro Payments is an Australian financial technology operating primarily in their home country. The company offers a suite no products and services tailored to the needs of the local business community, including EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) machines, banking solutions, and integrated payment systems. The company aims to compete with larger and more traditional banks through having a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.

A Young Company

The company was founded in 2003 and quickly embarked on a journey of growth. It became just the second company ever in Australia to receive a license as a Specialist Credit Card institution, with the first being a subsidiary of GE. Tyro was, and still is, focused on serving customers who might need a more tailored or smaller-scale Point of Sale (POS) solution than what traditional providers can offer. Tyro started out primarily offering merchant services, but as the company evolved its ambitions also expanded. The company was granted a banking license in 2015, and today offers various types of bank accounts.

How it Works

Tyro’s solutions are all-encompassing and take care of the entire transaction process from start to finish. After a merchant integrates Tyro's payment solutions with their existing systems, be it a physical POS or an online platform, they are ready to receive payments. When a customer makes a payment either by card or through an online marketplace, the transaction is processed securely through Tyro's infrastructure, eventually making its way into the merchant's accounts. Tyro offers online payment solutions as well as physical card readers (EFTPOS) for customers.

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Tyro operates in a competitive environment but is one of the largest payment providers in Australia. Some publicly traded companies offering similar services to merchants and marketplaces include names like Toast and Lightspeed.

Offering insights

Post-transaction, Tyro ensures prompt settlements. Merchants receive their funds swiftly, and automatically, removing as much manual work as possible through automation. Users have access to the Tyro portal, an online platform where merchants can access transaction data, insights, and reports, providing a comprehensive overview of their financial activities.