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Published 25 Sep 2023
Reviewed by: Kasper Karlsson
Updated 7 Feb 2024

Interactions, comments, perceptions, and decisions from external stakeholders can significantly influence any company's trajectory. In today's interconnected world, no company operates in a vacuum. Given the vast amount of data and mentions in constant circulation, it is crucial for investors, financial analysts, and journalists to monitor discussions about specific businesses—understanding who's talking, how often, and in what context. This is where 'Mentioned by' comes into play.

The Concept Behind Mentioned By

Mentioned by is not just another tracking tool. It's an essential asset for those seeking real-time, unbiased data. It ensures that you stay updated when your company—or any other you wish to track or analyze—is mentioned by customers, suppliers, competitors, or any other participant in the public markets.

While many tools can give you a list of mentions, Mentioned by goes a step further. It accurately filters out any content that the company itself publishes, ensuring that you're fed an unbiased stream of external mentions.

Mentioned by does more than just notify you. It ensures that you have direct access to the original sources of these mentions such as slide presentations and transcripts, covering 9,000+ public companies. This allows you to delve directly into additional details and context, whether it's an earnings call, capital market day, or investor conference.

Spotlight: Mastercard

Mastercard and Visa are widely recognized as companies possessing significant competitive advantages, largely because they metaphorically 'own' the payment flows and networks across America and Europe. This dominance is reflected in their impressive EBIT margins, with Mastercard at 58% and Visa at 67%, respectively.

By visiting Mastercard's company page in the Quartr Web App and accessing the Mentioned by section, users can quickly find external Mastercard mentions in both slide presentations and transcripts from several other billion-dollar companies worldwide. These mentions for instance highlight the importance of their partnership with Mastercard and indicate that many are expanding these partnerships. These insights aid in assessing whether Mastercard's competitive advantage appears sustainable or perhaps even growing.

Mentioned by section on Mastercard's company page

Spotlight: NVIDIA

Another prime example of the value Mentioned by offers can be seen when examining the section for NVIDIA. It's remarkable how many billion-dollar companies, such as Oracle, Cisco, Snowflake, Amazon, and ServiceNow, discuss their dependency on and partnerships with NVIDIA. Notably, most of these mentions are from recent quarters, with a significant portion from the last quarter (Q2 2023). This trend aligns with NVIDIA’s recent stock market surge and provides crucial insights into its robust market position and potential future trajectory.

Mentioned by section on NVIDIA's company page

Advanced Features for Quartr Pro Users

For those looking to delve deeper, Quartr Pro users enjoy advanced search features. Want to determine if a particular brand's mentions surged after a marketing campaign? Or perhaps you're interested in assessing whether the chatter surrounding a competitor has decreased over a quarter? The ability to track mention frequency over time offers these insights and more.

Mentions of NVIDIA in transcripts during the last twelve months

A Screening Tool for New Ideas

In the rapidly changing business landscape, staying updated is both a challenge and a necessity. Mentioned by serves as a powerful screening tool, offering insights into recent mentions that might inspire fresh ideas or strategies. Simply enter a company page on the Quartr Web App, and you'll see that company's external mentions listed in chronological order.

To illustrate this, one can examine the Mentioned by section for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). Within this section, we can access specific slides from Pinnacle West Capital that highlight its role in helping TSMC expand its manufacturing. This demonstrates how easily investors and financial analysts can identify the 'picks and shovels' of specific industries and mega-trends.

Slide from Pinnacle West Capital Q2 2023 describing their collaboration with TSMC
Slide from Pinnacle West Capital's FY Q2 2023 earnings call mentioning TSMC

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a business executive, financial analyst, investor relations professional, journalist, or a private investor, Mentioned by is the tool you didn't know you needed. In an era where information and knowledge is power, Mentioned by provides an efficient, real-time, and unbiased window into the world's conversations around specific businesses. Stay informed and stay ahead with Mentioned by – available for both Quartr Core and Pro subscriptions.

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