Alex Chriss: The New CEO of PayPal

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Published 31 May 2024
Author: Emil Persson
Reviewed by: Kasper Karlsson

PayPal was founded during the height of the Dot Com boom, and following a merger with Elon Musk's saw rapid adoption from e-commerce platforms in the early 2000s. However in recent years, despite a recognizable brand and a large user base, PayPal has struggled. The company's share price has declined significantly from its all-time high in 2021, and some have pointed out the lack of direction as one of the many contributors. In this article, we're going to get to know the person (and the strategies he is likely to employ) who has been tasked with leading PayPal into the future: Alex Chriss.

Key Insights

  • Close to 20 years at Intuit: Alex Chriss has close to two decades of experience at Intuit, where he led a number of successful projects.

  • Providing a sense of direction: Chriss has said that PayPal in recent years has lacked clear direction, something which he is focused on changing.

  • Turning a trend: PayPal has been struggling for the last couple of years and has fallen behind many of its competitors. With a strategic overhaul, Chriss aims to catch up.

Early Life, Education, and Entering the Professional World

Alex Chriss was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York. He pursued his higher education at Tufts University, earning a degree in economics. Chriss's professional journey began in the late 1990s, roughly around the time when PayPal was founded. This was a period marked by the rapid expansion of the World Wide Web, and tech and internet companies were enjoying rapid growth. He founded (and sold) two startups early in his life, after which he joined Intuit.

Experience With Intuit

Alex Chriss's most notable professional experience prior to joining PayPal was his long tenure at Intuit, a company that provides a variety of financial services. He joined Intuit in 2004 and steadily climbed the corporate ladder over nearly two decades. His roles at Intuit included Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Small Business and Self-Employed Group, where he was responsible for some of Intuit's flagship products, such as QuickBooks and TurboTax.

One of Chriss's most significant achievements at Intuit was the transformation of QuickBooks. Under his leadership, QuickBooks evolved from a desktop software solution into a cloud-based platform. This shift was crucial in keeping the product relevant in an increasingly digital world. Chriss spearheaded efforts to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into QuickBooks, enhancing its functionality and user experience.

As the head of the Small Business and Self-Employed Group, Chriss focused on empowering small businesses through innovative solutions. He recognized the challenges faced by small business owners, including financial management and compliance. Chriss's leadership was instrumental in developing tools that simplified these processes, allowing entrepreneurs to focus more on growing their businesses and less on administrative tasks.

Throughout his tenure at Intuit, Chriss emphasized the importance of customer feedback. He believed, and lived by, that listening to users was key to developing products that genuinely addressed their needs. This customer-centric approach became a hallmark of his leadership style and contributed significantly to the success of Intuit's products.

In Need of a Change

PayPal is a very established company, and as previously mentioned, has a high degree of brand recognition amongst the general public. Despite this, many experts and investors alike felt that the company was treading water, unable to take the necessary steps to keep up and expand in the modern world of digital payments. This in turn led to a decrease in revenue and a somewhat gloomy outlook going forward.

Both investors and those involved in the company at large felt it was time for a change of leadership in order to bring about much-needed change and adaptation to the new realities of the online payments sector.

Appointment as CEO of PayPal

The search had been going on since February 2023 and was led by PayPal's Board as well as an appointed CEO search committee. Chriss was chosen from a deep pool of talented individuals with the unanimous approval of all board members together with a number of key investors involved in the vetting process.

Chriss was chosen for his extensive experience in fintech and his proven track record of driving growth and innovation. Chriss started in his new role at the end of September 2023 and early during his tenure, he stated that the company had suffered from a lack of clear direction for several years, something which he set out to change.

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Chriss’ Outlined Strategic Priorities

Under the leadership of Chriss, PayPal has identified several strategic priorities aimed at positioning the company as a leading player in the digital payments sector. These priorities are designed to enhance the user experience, expand market reach, and drive innovation in payment solutions. Each of these areas reflects Chriss's vision for leveraging technology to create a more efficient, inclusive, and accessible product for customers and end users.

Enhancing user experience is one of Chriss' key areas of focus. He aims to make PayPal's platform more user-friendly and accessible, recognizing that a seamless user experience is crucial in retaining and attracting customers. To achieve this, PayPal is investing heavily in advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These technologies are being utilized to personalize the user experience, making interactions with the platform more intuitive and tailored to individual preferences. Streamlining transactions is another aspect of this priority, with efforts being made to simplify processes and reduce friction in the payment flow.

Expanding PayPal's market reach is another significant priority. Digital payments are by design a product of a global nature, and having a presence in emerging markets is important. To this end, PayPal is focusing on tailoring its solutions to meet the specific needs of different regions. This involves understanding local market dynamics and cultural nuances to offer relevant and effective financial services.

Additionally, fostering partnerships with local financial institutions is a crucial strategy in this expansion effort. By collaborating with established players in various regions, PayPal can enhance its credibility and accessibility, thereby extending its reach to new customer segments.

Becoming a Leader in Payment Technologies

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires continuous innovation. Chriss envisions PayPal as a leader in developing cutting-edge payment technologies in order to properly compete with companies such as Stripe, and provide alternatives to paying online via Visa or Mastercard. This includes exploring the potential of cryptocurrency transactions and blockchain technology.

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By integrating these advanced technologies into its platform, PayPal aims to offer more diverse and secure payment options to its users. Innovation is not just about staying competitive but also about anticipating and meeting the evolving needs of consumers and businesses.

Fostering financial inclusion is another strategic priority for Chriss. He has stated that properly tuned technology can be used to bridge the gap for underserved populations who have limited access to traditional financial services. PayPal is working on developing solutions that cater specifically to these groups, providing them with access to essential financial services and opportunities for economic empowerment. This involves creating affordable and user-friendly financial products that can be easily adopted by individuals and small businesses in underserved communities.

Under Chriss's leadership, PayPal is focusing on enhancing the user experience, expanding its market reach, and modern payment solutions these efforts, Chriss aims to re-establish PayPal as a leader in the digital payments sector, capable of meeting the diverse needs of its global user base.


Alex Chriss's appointment as CEO of PayPal marks a new chapter in the company's history. His extensive experience in fintech, proven track record of driving growth, and commitment to innovation are the reasons he got hired. At the time of writing this article, Chriss is still relatively new in his position, but he has been well-received so far. Only time will be able to tell if he was the right person to lead PayPal into the future, but so far investors and management have been publicly positive about the direction Chriss is heading.

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