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CarGurus IncCarl Zeiss Meditec AGCarlisle Companies IncorporatedCarlotz IncCarlsbergCarlyle Secured Lending IncCarMax IncCarnival Corporation & IncCarpenter Technology CorporationCarrefour SACarriage Services IncCarrier Global CorporationCarrols Restaurant Group IncCarsales.Com LtdCarvana CoCary GroupCasa Systems IncCascades IncCase GroupCasella Waste Systems IncCasey's General Stores IncCasper Sleep IncCastellumCastle Biosciences IncCatalent IncCatalyst Pharmaceuticals IncCatchMark Timber Trust IncCatellaCatenaCatena MediaCaterpillar IncCathay General BancorpCavco Industries IncCaverionCavotecCazoo Group LtdcbdMD IncCBIZ IncCboe Global Markets IncCBRAINCBRE Group IncCBTX IncCCL Industries IncCCL Products LimitedCD Projekt S.A.CDK Global IncCDONCDW CorporationCEA Industries IncCECO Environmental CorpCeconomy AGCedar Fair L.P.CedergrenskaCelanese CorporationCelcuity IncCelestica IncCell ImpactCellaVisionCellebrite DI Ltd Cellectis S.A.Cellnex Telecom S.A.Celsion CorporationCelsius Holdings IncCembra Money Bank AGCEMEX S.A.B. de C.V.Cemtrex IncCengage Learning Holdings II IncCenovus Energy IncCentene CorporationCentennial Resource Development IncCenterPoint Energy IncCenterra Gold IncCenterspaceCentral Garden & Pet CompanyCentral Pacific Financial CorpCentrus Energy CorpCentury Aluminum CompanyCentury Casinos IncCentury Communities IncCepton IncCeragon Networks LtdCerence IncCereno ScientificCeres Power Holdings PlcCerevel Therapeutics Holdings IncCeridian HCM Holding IncCerner CorporationCertara IncCerus CorporationCervus Equipment CorporationCES Energy Solutions CorpCessatechCEVA IncCF Industries Holdings IncCGGCGI IncChampions Oncology IncChampionX Corp
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